S.E 20. Working 9-5 what a way to make a living
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remember when we watched the lumineers and editors, sharing fish and chips and you didnt like my curry sauce. Remember when we used to order pizza and watch buffy in bed. Remember when we stayed in ordered curry and watched the conjuring. Remember when we used to go to dinner every week. We went to the art gallery. Winter Wonderland. The Aquarium. The Marathon. Isle of Wight.

Remember when we used to do stuff together like a couple.

what happened

Last night my friends cat got hit by a car. He was such a sweet little thing. Its surprising how upset a pets death can make you her family gave him a better home then he had before. The fact he had even gone back to their garden is beautiful. It also Makes me so angry that people drive so carelessly down my road to hit them in the first place.

So sad He was a darling and they all loved him very much

RIP Pusskins

Things me and rob need to do in the next 6 weeks

-Go to the aquarium again

-Go to camden

-See a theatre show

-Reading festival

-Go To Devon

-Go to brighton/littlehampton

-Go Shopping

-Holi one (maybe)

-have sex outside

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