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Hi :P so before we start, is there anything you’d like to say?


Who was the last person you had a serious conversation with? What is your honest opinion of that person?

ty/kate I love them both Im so happy theyre my flat mates

So, tell me about the person you have feelings for. Why is this person special to you?

Rob is the type of person that i always wanted to be friends with at school, but never was because of social circles, so when it turned out that he had the same feelings as i did for him it felt like id been sent to the moon, I love him so much and he makes me feel comfortable and happy, and has my best interests at heart. We also have quite a few common interest and idk Since i’ve been at uni i feel like our love has grown and im very proud and lucky to be able to call him mine

Would you ever date a friend’s ex?

i did that awks

What colour are the eyes of the last male you talked to?


What colour are the eyes of the last female you talked to?


Have you ever hated any of your friends boyfriends/girlfriends? If so, did you tell them? What happened?

yeah and just cause he was a dick. and he told me i looked pregnant

The last person you dated, is that person older or younger than you?

4 years older

Have you ever said “I’m fine”, when in reality, you weren’t fine at all? Is this something you do often?

all the bloody time

What if you saw your ex kissing someone else?

i wouldnt do anything its no concern of mine

What shoes did you wear today?

my fake vans and my new floral print pumps :D

Look in your Tumblr inbox and find 2 messages that make you smile. What do they say?

I do not recieve tumblr mail

Who was the first person you dated? What is your honest opinion of that person?

Robb, he hasnt really gone anywhere with his life which is kind of sad but hey ho

Who was the last person you added as a friend on Facebook? How do you know that person?

 Ryan and i met him through someone in halls!

When will you next hang out with one of your best friends?

my best friends are changing

What was the last strong emotion you felt? Why were you feeling this emotion?

I feel dissapointed because i managed to lose lots of weight and i know ive put it back on. And i feel upset because I know i’m likely to lose it in an unhealthy way

What was going through your mind during your last hug?

kateeeee plz cheer up

Name 3 people who have made you smile recently.

rob, kate and ty

If you were angry/upset, who’s the first person you would generally go to?

Rob or kate at the moment because i live with her

When you feel like crying, do you generally hold back, or just let the tears flow?

if im that stressed about something I will literally just break down into tears

Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?

I hope so because im thinking of them so much

What term of endearment do people mostly use when they talk to you?


If I gave you a box of chocolates, would you share them with the last person you texted?

idek who i last text my phone is broken

How about the last person you Facebook messaged, would you share with them too?

my dad would eat them regardless of whether i was sharing them

If you’re single, what do you miss about being in a relationship? If you’re in a relationship, what do you miss about being single?

Im in a relationship and i hate to think of being single because that meant i would be without my best friend

Do you think you’re good enough for the person you love/like? If not, why not?

No becuase hes a attractive young man, he could be with someone so much prettier/ skinnier and less hormonal

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with your life atm? Explain.

6. I like being at uni and living without family. But i miss rob so much I dont really like being away from him because i feel a bit lost. I have a lot of work to do which is stressing me a bit. And I hate my body like literally hate it

List the last 5 things you had to eat/drink.

  1. horlicks
  2. squash
  3. popcorn
  4. Chocolate.
  5. sweetcorn

Have you ever kissed the last person that held your hand?


Have you ever had your photo taken with the last person you texted?

idk who that was

Tell me about your relationship with the last person you texted. What does that person mean to you?

idk who that was

Do you struggle to put your thoughts and feelings into words?

half and half. If something is really bothering me id rather briefelyy discuss the matter

Have you cried in the last 24 hours?

no actually!

Tell me 5 facts about your mother.

  1. She’s from devon
  2. She’s currently in canada
  3. She love willobourough sauvingon blanc
  4. She has taken speed
  5. She’s the strongest women i know

Look in your phone’s contacts list, and find the 2nd person listed under the letter ‘S’. Tell me 5 facts about that person.

idk who that was

Who or what are you thinking about?

how much i just want to cuddle rob and talk to him in person and make him take my mind off of my weight

The last time you had butterflies in your stomach, was it for a good reason or a bad reason?

it was my presentation

Do you know anyone named Natalie? Tell me about her.

Natalie is someone ive met at uni who is very sweet! and shes absolutely tiny skinny

How many times have you got into an argument with the person you love/like?

we go through phases we do argue a fair bit, but its because were both quite hot headed and if something pisses us off it is going to made aware to others

What goals do you have for the near future?

pass my course, continue strengthening my relationship

Does it make you feel weird when you hear recordings of your own voice?

urghhh i sound like a nasal chav

Have you ever made someone of the opposite sex cry?


Who is the youngest person in your household?


The doctor tells you that you’re pregnant. You say …

i find that very hard to believe

Could you last a whole month without seeing/talking to the person you love/like?

i dont think i could no

Are you 100% happy with yourself as a person? If not, why not?

100% no.

Have you ever had a dream about the person you love/like? What happened?

i have lots horrible ones lovely ones sex dreams the whole shebang

Do you stand up for yourself, or do you have a tendency to let people walk all over you?

I make it known when im not happy

Do you prefer pads or tampons?

pads <3

Do you check your horoscope often? If so, do you find that there’s any truth in what it says?

i think they are true but i do not look at it often

Would you fall apart if the last person you texted, got up and walked out of your life?

idk who it was

What was the first CD you ever owned? Do you still have it?

the rasmus - dead letters

Has anyone ever told you they wouldn’t be able to live without you?

mmm idk

Who has hurt you the most? Have you forgiven that person?

my family hurt me the most, and i think i have

What are 3 things that always make you smile?

  1. my pets
  2. curry
  3. cornwall!

I detest my body. Like literally detest it, I keep feeling like i’ve put on weight I feel fat i feel under confident theres so many skinny girls. I just want to lose weight. I hate it so much i want to be able to wear skinny jeans and feel like I am skinny. Im nearly my goal but I just dont feel like it. I feel huge. Help me?

when you want to talk to someone but theres no one to talk to

Everytime I feel like i can rely on someone, it just gets thrown away so easily, so i’m beginning to find it harder and harder to tell people wharts wrong

I have started uni and im feeling good about my body, me and my flat mate are going to join the gym and hopefully do some classes together so at least ill still be exsercising! really sad about not being with my boyfriend all the time though, he’s my best friend and i love him so much having him leave my room on saturday was the hardest goodby ive had to do. I really hope the next weeks fly past so that we can see each other again!

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