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feeling sad

im 8st11 i weighed myself on a bmi machine. my bmi is 21.3 with 24% body fat. This women who watched me weigh myself in boots said i could do with losing 4-5 more pounds. I feel upset by this because I nearly liked my body and i’m still getting called ‘fat’ how skinny do you have to be before someone accepts you. I’m trying so hard to get a good body by running eating healthily and barely drinking. Yet still people put me down.

I dont know how I can make myself slimmer any Faster. I debated buying addios diet pills on saturday but it felt like a cheats way to lose weight. its really beginning to get me down. I hate my body I barely have sex without a top on or I hide under the duvet. I hate trying on new clothes. And when I buy new clothes now I want them to be baggy so I dont have to see the areas I dont like.


today im going to buy




£30 worth of clothes

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